The Jayamatha Boys Home

The Lenny Peters Foundation is proud to be a helping hand here at home in the Piedmont Triad and around the world in Dr. Lenny Peters’ hometown of Kerala, India. Dr. Peters recognizes and remembers his humble origins and so, through the Foundation, the Jayamatha Boys Home in Kerala, India was founded.

The Jayamatha Boys Home is run by Franciscan Christian Missionaries who care for approximately 210 children in Nalanchira, the capital of Kerala. The Lenny Peters Foundation is leading the way to providing unbiased financial assistance to over 200 orphans there. This financial assistance provides housing, food and education to each and every orphan.

Jacob Pakkiam is an alumni of the Jayamatha Boys Home that the Lenny Peters Foundation supports. Jacob recounts his experience at the Jayamatha Boys Home below.

I came to the Jayamatha Boys Home after my father passed away and we had no house or way of making a living. I was able to pursue my studies in the Boys Home and with that background I studied at Jayamatha Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I). I passed the Printing technology exam by the Kerala State Government. For higher studies, I was sent to the Central Government Institution at Kanpur and I successfully completed the Instructor Course. Then I was posted as an Instructor at Jayamatha I. T. I. Thereafter, I passed the P. S. C. (Public Service Commission) test and I was posted as “ proof reader” in the Kerala Govt. Press (Printing Department). Now I am retired from Govt. service. At present, I am working for the betterment of the Jayamatha Press.
During my life in Jayamatha, I received training in playing the clarinet, typewriting, in sports and arts, and also in agriculture. I acquired qualities like punctuality, self esteem, and a sense of justice and morality. I am a married man, now living in Monvila, with my wife and daughter, who is studying to be an accountant.
Now the old students of Jayamatha have formed an alumni association. It is a nice community that demonstrated to me how the Boys Home helped others succeed as well.
With sincere thanks, I remember the “Franciscan Brothers”, who taught us at the Boys Home, for the graces received by me and many others all over Kerala. Also I thank God Almighty for everything.


The Lenny Peters Home for Girls

The Lenny Peters Foundation now provides support to orphan girls in India.  The Lenny Peters Foundation provides:

  • A Place to Stay
  • Nourishment
  • Clothing
  • English Medium Education
  • Job Training
  • In-house Tutoring
  • In-house Computer Systems
  • and Private Transportation to School



The Lenny Peters Home for Palliative Care

The Canossian Daughters of Charity, servants of the poor is an international missionary congregation of women founded by St. Magdelen of Canossa in 1808. Canossian medical wing is a charitable non-profit organization catering to medical, educational and social needs of the poor.

Lenny Peters Home For Palliative Care, Thumba, Trivandrum, India is run by the Canossian sisters.  The hospital was established in the year 1963 as a Maternity hospital. Later in the year 2010, it was changed to a Palliative Care Hospital. This hospital nests in a very peaceful serene campus.


Lenny Peters Home for Palliative Care is committed to providing comfort through relief of symptoms for patients with advanced / chronic diseases regardless of age, race or religion.

  • Ensuring the best quality of life for our patients by delivering professional palliative care and providing compassionate support for their families
  • Nurturing the dedicated individuals who make this work possible and serve the community through continued learning and development


Home Care Services: Provide psychological support to the patient and relatives at home. free of cost, eg; dressing of wounds, relief of pain and other distressing symptoms, teaches the caregivers how to care for the patients at home etc…

In- patient Facilities

At present 20 bed in-patient facility is available.  We provide total care of the patient, medicines, food and peaceful atmosphere to make them comfortable till the last.


  • Patients with life limiting illness as a result of trauma/injuries, cancer, stroke, any chronic ailments which they are unlikely to recover and for whom intensive palliative care is the predominant focus and goal of care for the time remaining. Patients with dementia, AIDS, terminal cancer or severe disabling stroke, who are in need of institutional expert care to keep them comfortable.
  • Patients with progressive conditions, such as peripheral vascular diseases, low grade malignancies, chronic renal or liver failure with significant functional impairment, advanced heart or lung diseases, frailty, neuro degenerative diseases and dementia.


To be a centre of excellence for palliative care services, ensure continuity of institutional care services

equipping the care givers with necessary skills through training.


Compassion, Professionalism, Respect for the dignity of each individual


To add to all the Blessings Lenny Peters Home For Palliative care is Amazingly Graced with five Sisters, who have humbled themselves serving the Lord by seeking His will LOVE and MERCY for the poor and downtrodden. These Sisters are the LIGHT and HOPE of the inmates of this Home.

Sr.Catherine Thomas    Manager, Superior

Sr.Rose Mary Paul        Administrator

Sr.Veronica Bernad       In charge of Palliative Care

Sr.Dr.Elsa                       doctor in charge

Sr.Lucy                            Home Care

We have seven sincere, dedicated nursing staff who take care of the patients.