The Jayamatha Boys Home

The Lenny Peters Foundation is proud to be a helping hand here at home in the Piedmont Triad and around the world in Dr. Lenny Peters’ hometown of Kerala, India. Dr. Peters recognizes and remembers his humble origins and so, through the Foundation, the Jayamatha Boys Home in Kerala, India was founded.

The Jayamatha Boys Home is run by Franciscan Christian Missionaries who care for approximately 210 children in Nalanchira, the capital of Kerala. The Lenny Peters Foundation is leading the way to providing unbiased financial assistance to over 200 orphans there. This financial assistance provides housing, food and education to each and every orphan.

Jacob Pakkiam is an alumni of the Jayamatha Boys Home that the Lenny Peters Foundation supports. Jacob recounts his experience at the Jayamatha Boys Home below.

I came to the Jayamatha Boys Home after my father passed away and we had no house or way of making a living. I was able to pursue my studies in the Boys Home and with that background I studied at Jayamatha Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I). I passed the Printing technology exam by the Kerala State Government. For higher studies, I was sent to the Central Government Institution at Kanpur and I successfully completed the Instructor Course. Then I was posted as an Instructor at Jayamatha I. T. I. Thereafter, I passed the P. S. C. (Public Service Commission) test and I was posted as “ proof reader” in the Kerala Govt. Press (Printing Department). Now I am retired from Govt. service. At present, I am working for the betterment of the Jayamatha Press.
During my life in Jayamatha, I received training in playing the clarinet, typewriting, in sports and arts, and also in agriculture. I acquired qualities like punctuality, self esteem, and a sense of justice and morality. I am a married man, now living in Monvila, with my wife and daughter, who is studying to be an accountant.
Now the old students of Jayamatha have formed an alumni association. It is a nice community that demonstrated to me how the Boys Home helped others succeed as well.
With sincere thanks, I remember the “Franciscan Brothers”, who taught us at the Boys Home, for the graces received by me and many others all over Kerala. Also I thank God Almighty for everything.


The Lenny Peters Home for Girls

The Lenny Peters Foundation now provides support to orphan girls in India.  The Lenny Peters Foundation provides:

  • A Place to Stay
  • Nourishment
  • Clothing
  • English Medium Education
  • Job Training
  • In-house Tutoring
  • In-house Computer Systems
  • and Private Transportation to School



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Spreading God’s Blessings

The Lenny Peters Foundation is dedicated to helping people in their last few years of life – just to let them know someone cares.  They are God’s people, although not as privileged as many others.  The Lenny Peters Foundation India staff and volunteers visit small, poor villages and find terminally ill or utterly poor people and show them God’s blessings.  The Lenny Peters Foundation gives these people envelopes with cash that they can use for anything they need.  This is done on a daily basis in an area with several million people.

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