Founder Lenny Peters

Many people would have written off the hopes of a young boy who began life in a poor Christian family in Kerala, India. But despite the overwhelming odds, this young boy committed himself to his goal of becoming a physician and, at age seventeen, entered medical school while still in India.

After completing training in London, Pittsburgh, and at Wake Forest University, Dr. Lenny Peters settled in High Point, NC to raise his family and begin his career of caring. To this end, he formed Bethany Medical Center, a multi-specialty medical group providing healthcare to a diverse population of patients. The name Bethany, as recounted in the New Testament, is the name of the house where Martha, Mary, and Lazarus lived. They were very different types of people who were united by their love for Jesus. Bethany Medical Center is also made up of different types of people from diverse backgrounds united in love and care for patients and for fellow human beings.

Dr. Peters has dedicated his life to medicine, as attested to by a patch on his lab coat that reads: “I treat, God heals.” With this kind of dedication, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Lenny Peters received a humanitarian award. He received this award from Henry Schein Inc. for 20 years of philanthropic generosity.

Other Ventures

Dr. Peters’ medical practice, Bethany Medical Center, which has flourished for over 25 years in the High Point, NC community, provides services in Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Neurology, Sleep Medicine, Dermatology, Neurology, Pain management, Plastic Surgery and Urgent Care.

Another of Dr. Peters’ undertakings, Peters Medical Research, provides a way for drug companies and individuals with certain medical symptoms to test new products coming into the pharmaceutical industry. The firm is comprised of a group of dedicated health professionals utilizing their skills and experience to advance the scientific knowledge of medicine. The staff consists of physicians, physician assistants, a pharmacist, and certified clinical researchers. All the research and investigation work done through Peters Medical Research upholds the GCP Guidelines and HIPPA regulations of Clinical Research.

Dr. Lenny Peters’ endless drive and commitment to excellence has led to further successes through the establishment of Peters Enterprises Inc., a comprehensive investment real estate and management company that works with commercial properties for lease or sale throughout the Piedmont Triad.

Always eager to progress, Dr. Peters also formed the Bank of North Carolina, a publicly traded regional bank. The Bank’s goal is to offer all the advantages of the latest “high tech” services, delivered with the unique “high touch” attitude one enjoys when visiting a branch in person. Dr. Peters is founding Director of the Bank of North Carolina and is Chairman of the Loan Committee.


There has been much written about the man who has touched so many lives in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina and around the world. These comprehensive articles offer insight on Dr. Lenny Peters’ endeavors and all he has done in the Triad area. To view the articles in full, please click the links below: