“Thank you for sponsoring the 2016 Jamestown Pig Pickin’ Patriots & Pigs in Support of Family Services of the Piedmont.”

Tom Campbell
President & CEO
Family Services of the Piedmont, Inc.

Family Services of the Piedmont, Inc.

“Your gift supports scholarships and initiatives that enhance students success, improve instruction, and engage in community partnerships.”

Guilford Technical Community College Foundation

Guilford Technical Community College Foundation

“Your past stewardship has helped provide the foundation for our ministries as well as helping the church with the financial costs of ongoing operations.”

First Presbyterian Church –
Kevin C. Harron

First Presbyterian Church

“Your generous gift is helping to build awareness on substance abuse, develop and implement strategies for the prevention of accidental overdose, abuse and harm reduction of prescribed medications along with making available naloxone rescue kits and individual peer support to those who are at high risk.”

Project Lazarus –
Fred Wells Brason II

Project Lazarus

“Ray and his family didn’t have anything but the clothes on their backs and a few belongings when they immigrated to the US.”

Ray Wah and his family immigrated to the US nearly 10 years ago after spending much of their lives in a refugee camp in Myanmar (formerly Burma). For most of its independent years…
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Ray WahRecipient

“Julie and I wanted to thank you for your financial support that allowed us to travel to Cozumel, Mexico in June to work at our orphanage called Ciudad de Angeles.”

Deep River Church of Christ –
David and Julie

Deep River Church of Christ

“It was truly an honor to request your assistance and an even greater honor that you agreed to support the Ninth Annual Hope For The Warriors Charity Golf Tournament.”

James L. Hayes, LtCol. USMC (Ret)

James L. Hayes, Lt Col. USMC (Ret)