My Life Story of Faith and Courage
by Lenny Peters, M.D.

Dr. Lenny Peters shares the story of his extraordinary life — the faith, challenges, and victories that inspired him to help others and to make The Lenny Peters Foundation a reality.

In Barefoot to Benefactor, Dr. Lenny Peters tells the uplifting story of how, as the youngest son of a Christian family from Kerala, India, he worked his way into medical school and propelled himself to North Carolina as an accomplished physician. Once there, wonders followed Lenny as faith determined his path. Lenny founded the Bethany Medical Centers, a revolutionary network that treats anyone who walks through its doors. His fascination with business led him to establish much-needed health and research facilities, a bank for underserved communities, and a real estate empire that enhances the community.

Most importantly, he created The Lenny Peters Foundation to share his abundance with the less fortunate. Lenny’s story of trailblazing in medicine, finance, and philanthropy is proof that miracles come to those who have faith–in God and themselves.


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100% of proceeds donated to orphans and cancer patients

Lenny Peters Foundation, India

The Lenny Peters Foundation is proud to be a helping hand here at home in the Piedmont Triad and around the world in Dr. Lenny Peters’ hometown of Kerala, India. Dr. Peters recognizes and remembers his humble origins and so, through the Foundation, the Jayamatha Boys Home in Kerala, India was founded. Since then, the Lenny Peters Foundation has founded 3 additional homes for orphans including the Lenny Peters Home for Girls and the Lenny Peters Home for Palliative Care.

“Lenny Peters’ faith shines through on every page of his book. It’s a faith that can buoy us through the obstacles that keep us from manifesting our life’s work, just as it has done for Lenny.”

Anthony Atala MD, Professor and Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and Chair of the Department of Urology at Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina


“It’s so refreshing to read the life story of a man who learns, aspires, and finds creative ways to do good in the world. His faith in God and in others has led to great accomplishments, yet he remains rooted in his humility and generous desire to give. Dr. Peters’ memoir encourages our faith and resilience. That is his gift to us.”

David Mounts, Chairman/CEO, Inmar Intelligence


“I dare anyone to read Lenny Peters’ life story and not come away with a renewed sense that anything is possible when we believe. A true original, Lenny will inspire you to be your best self.”

Roy E. Carroll II, Owner and CEO, The Carroll Companies


“A wonderful book! Lenny Peters has led a remarkable life that can motivate us all to stay connected to our faith and our communities.”

Derek L. Ellington, Managing Director, Business Banking, Atlantic-South Region Executive, Bank of America


“Lenny’s winning memoir recounts how one man, for all of his triumphs, has never forgotten his roots. His story makes anything seem possible, and this uplifting book will inspire you to make the world a better place.”

Dave Horne, Government Relations Lawyer Partner, Smith Anderson Law


“I have often wondered how Dr. Lenny Peters acquired his business acumen, his healing abilities, and his compassion for others—and through this generous memoir, now I know. With his trademark self-deprecation and large-hearted spirit, Dr. Peters relates a life full of blessings that he never takes for granted.”

Rick Callicutt, Chairman, Carolinas and Virginia Pinnacle Financial Partners